Backlit Kea I

Pencil drawing on paper, 14″x18″: SOLD (but I can draw similar drawings if you want one, $250 plus packaging and shipping).

Archival print, limited edition:
14″x18″ drymounted/plaque mounted: $180 (plus $40 for packaging, plus shipping)
14″x18″ on stretched canvas: $180 (plus $40 for packaging, plus shipping)

If you live in Calgary, I will deliver the artwork to you, so there is no packaging or shipment costs.

Like all birds, the Kea is a Maniraptoran – and this one is not extinct. The world’s only living mountain parrot, the Kea lives only in NZ. Since we can see Keas, and we have photos of them, this drawing was much easier to accomplish than drawing extinct animals. This is also a much smaller artwork than many of my others.