Experimentation with colour.

Archival print, limited edition (limited to 13 prints):
17′′x42.5′′ Unmounted: $140
17′′x42.5′′ Drymounted/plaque mounted: $180
17′′x42.5′′ Stretched canvas: $180

Packaging for shipments costs $90. If you live in Calgary, I will deliver the artwork to you, so there is no packaging or shipment costs.

Adding colour to this animal provided me with the opportunity to add a new layer of complexity. It also gave me the opportunity to pop the animal out of the background even further by maintaining a cool palate in the background.
Just to prove I don’t have any reservations about putting feathers on a dinosaur, I coated most of the animal in feathers this time. A look at just the skeletons so far found of caenagnathids strongly suggests Ojoraptorsaurus had feathers. 

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Print Size

(Drymount/plaquemount of the artwork on a wall, photograph taken by a customer).