Exploring the variation in chasmosaurines
Original pencil drawing on illustrator board, framed with anti-reflection glass: $2500

Archival print, limited edition:
16″x40″ drymounted/plaque mounted: $250
16″x40″ on stretched canvas: $250

Packaging for shipments costs $90. If you live in Calgary, I will deliver the artwork to you, so there is no packaging or shipment costs.

In this case, I wanted each of the four animals to stand out clearly. I used the effect of simultaneous contrast to separate the four different genera of chasmosaurians from each other. Titanoceratops is clearly separated from the Chasmosaurus behind, both on the lower jaw as well as the top jaw and the front of the brow ridge. In fact, the toning in the lower jaw of the Titanoceratops quickly changes from light to dark to adapt to the changing tonal values of the animal behind.
One of the most distinguishing features of each ceratopsian is the bony frill on the back of the head. In total, the heads of these animals were massive – among the largest of any land animals that ever lived. These large surfaces potentially provided a large area for embellishment with scales, horns, skin textures, and colours.

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Print Size
II had the actual drawing framed, with a grey matte, very dark grey frame, and anti-reflection glass. So, purchase of the actual drawing will include this frame. Purchase of a print, will not by default include a frame, but if you wish for me to send you a framed print, please contact me to discuss. The photographs below are of the framed original.