Siats profile

Pencil drawing superimposed on painting

Archival print, limited edition:
14.9″ x 40″ drymounted/plaque mounted: $280
14.9″ x 40″ on stretched canvas: $280
14.9″ x 40″ printed on watercolour paper and framed like the images shown on the page of Chasmosaurines: $600

Packaging for shipment costs $90. If you live in Calgary, I will deliver the artwork to you, so there is no packaging or shipment costs.

Siats (pronounced Sea-ats) meekerorum was discovered in 2009-2012 and named in 2013 by L. Zanno and P. Makovicky. Six years later, I pencilled the ‘light and shadow’ layer in 2019, and later painted the colour layer in 2023 and superimposed the pencil layer on top of the paint layer to produce a final colour profile of the animal to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the naming of Siats. In this case I wanted it to have a crisp feeling with essentially one light source. The colour design was based on the colour of one of my dogs, a catahoula leopard dog (a dog which hadn’t even been born yet when I did the pencil layer in 2019), which I applied with air brush and paint brush using acrylic ink, and some airbrush paint. I intentionally faded out the arm and leg on the far side of the animal in the old tradition of side profile studies.

Siats meekerorum lived during Cenomanian Stage, Cretaceous. Discovered in Cedar Mountain Formation, Utah. May have lived in proximity to the small tyrannosaur Moros (see my painting of Moros), which was also described by L. Zanno.